A Fishermen, Sand and Hats Puzzle

If you're with a group of people and/or bored and looking for something to do, give this little...


A Very Gentlemanly Hip Flask

I recently joined Gentlemint.com . It's a bit like a manly version of Pinterest. It's almos...


Songs to Play When the Sun is Out

Spring has broken! The sun is out! That puts most Brits in a happy, positive mood, so I've c...


Every Possible Variety of Beer

Know your India Pale Ale from your Strong Pale Ale? How about your Double IPA from your Black IPA? ...


It's An Appropriate Day To Talk About Steak

Valentine's Day is, on the whole, a day dedicated to ladies. For this reason, a day dedicated t...


QR Codes on Bikini Bottoms

This is from last year, but definitly worth adding to the jamjar. Last summer, Betfair placed QR co...

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